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Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Well today's Diwali. Greetings to all. We Bengalis have this tradition of making 'alpanas' or colourless rangolis. Usually its the same old Lakshmi feet and some other generic stuff. THIS time, I decided to make one as well. THIS^ is what I came up with. A tribute to one of the few TRUE gods on Earth. Comments are necessary.


Express said...

no seriously.

this is drawn of some animation stunt of urz?

Express said...


drawn or edited over the PC,
is the question...

and I am too sleepy..

metal-militant said...

No yaar.I made it by hand,on the floor,using ye olde chalk solution.

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I'm so amazed by your creativity sometimes, I can't tell you.

Jadis said...


Awe-fuckin'-some man!!!!
I've known people in the metal circuit for some time now, and I could swear on ANYTHING I have NEVER come across such devotion!!!
Seriously, you and Alok could compete to decide who is more fanatic about Opeth.

:leaves with eyes popping out of face:

Alok said...

*Bows down*

Even though that was your job, could that be a dedication to Opeth from me too? :D

You know, the very reason I fell in Love at first sight with the Opeth logo is because the artwork within the "O" matches so much with the Awesome freehand style with which my Mummy draws Rangoli.

The level of sophistication in the intricacy of my Mom's work is even greater than that in Opeth's logo. :)

True Art shall always remain alive.

Lucid Darkness said...

Whoa! You could give all the old Bong matrons a run for their money!

Very, very well made!

metal-militant said...

@ Ki:Thank you,life support.

@Jadis: Well I finally found a way to elevate metal bands to 'god' status oficially ;-) Thanks a lot though.

@Alok: Yeah sure man.Anyone belonging to the metal 'gotra' is allowed to share this offering.And yeah,that 'O' took a long time to make man.Its FUCKING intricate.A true work of art.Thanks a lot.

@Lucid Darkness:Hmmm,well I doubt I'd WANT to give Bong matrons a run for their money considering they have absolutely ZERO connection to metal (barring spawning some metalheads).But thanks a lot.

Shrutilaya said...

I STILL can't get over how gorgeous it looks. = O

metal-militant said...

Thanks a lot Laya.Seriously.

Scribblers Inc said...

Its finally time to crown an emperor of "new arts"....

Jeez man! I am floored!

Scribblers Inc.

P.S.-Long live Opeth!! \m/

metal-militant said...

Thanks so much man. Come on,its not all THAT good.

And yes,long live Opeth.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention I SAW this?
Actually saw it?
In Ishaan's house?

metal-militant said...

Yeah and now its been wiped off.WAAANHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Nothingman said...

amazing man, too bad it's been wiped away. Use paint next diwali ;)


metal-militant said...

Haha.Well it easier to paint it actually.But drawing it bong-style is maddening almost!!!Thanks a lot.