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Monday, 13 October 2008

The Damn tagging thing

OK, Kirti (my girlfriend) has tagged me,so I can't refuse her tags.Hence,I shall tag as well.Here goes:

I am : Ishaan

I think : this tagging business is not very enjoyable

I know : what I plan to write here.

I want : a proper bass amplifier

I have : not had sex yet

I wish : for an ESP or a Warwick bass guitar

I hate : bollywood/indipop music

I miss : while peeing...HEEHEEHAHAHAHA

I fear : not getting into Tisch Asia for a Master's in animation

I hear : my neighbours' colony of servants fighting.

I smell : the blood of a runty one!!!

I crave : a lifetime supply of Mughlai food

I search : on Google and Wikipedia :p

I wonder : why so many people are prejudiced against metal

I regret : missing my date with Kirti and spoiling her evening.

I love : Kirti

I ache : when I have to study

I was not : going to do this tagging thing but did it only because Kirti tagged me

I am not : narrow-minded about music.

I cry : when Kirti cries

I believe : that people will lift the veil of religion from their eyes before its too late for the world

I dance : ?

I sing : as well as death-growl

I read : when I'm not feeling lazy to.

I don't always : talk about metal.

I fight : for what I worship

I write : about what I worship

I win : seldom

I lose : most of the time

I never : dance

I always : sit at the computer ;-)

I confuse : the gullible

I listen : to METAL\m/\m/!!!!!

I can usually be found : in front of the computer or playing my bass guitar.

I am scared : , are you?

I need : to shut up

I am happy : with Kirti, my friends, around the metal gods.

I imagine : a world where metal is the only religion.


Scribblers Inc said...

quite a moshpit you have around here my friend...and I am indeed a DT worshipper and I do dig Symphony X, but the rest of the gang is French to me...I hope to tune in soon...and yes, the music you have going on here is insulin to diabetics....

stay insane,
Scribblers Inc.

ki said...

"I have: not had sex yet" :P Honest, aren't we?

"I regret : missing my date with Kirti and spoiling her evening." Awww. Come on baby. You had a reason. And it's in the past now. Chill maaro.

"I cry : when Kirti cries" AWWWW. But I cry way too much. :P

"I dance : ?" Hmph.

"I imagine : a world where metal is the only religion." Dream on.

Disguise said...

I have : not had sex yet


I love : Kirti


I win : seldom

I lose : most of the time

EMO !!

metal-militant said...

@Scribbler: Thanks a lot man.Though posting to the appropriate post would have been better ;-)

@Kirti: Yes I meant every word.

@Dishari:Its true.

Express said...


wht a wonderful way 2 celebrate 1 yr of our friendship!!!!!!!!
I tag u THREE times and they r still pending...and i wanted 2 tag u 4 this 1 n u said crap abt tags n so i did not tag u n u do this tag
in ONE DAY?!??!!!???!!!!!!!

go, dig a grave n jump into it!
n if u don do tht
never show me tht face!

i am oh so mad!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. kirti, this has nothing 2 do wid u

P.P.S. maniac Moshai, good job done n thanks for living up-to the tag spirit.

metal-militant said...

Accha I'm sorry yaar.Its Kirti after all.REALLY sorry.Next time u tag,pakka!!!

Express said...

yea rite,
like i ve no other work 2 do...
tag u of all ppl who wanna get tagged!!!

i dont care if its ur gf damned man, its just so not fair! every bloddy tag i used 2 do, i used 2 tag u fucked up bastard! ur blog ws dead n u din even do 'one' of them and no! i dont want u 2 do them now either. I am just plain mad!

Reminding u the good old gf-free days, back-stabber. Ill lodge a complain with the friends forever forum!

oh btw, sexy music on ur blog. I caught 'voice of the soul', ah! made my day! My PC crashed! I need music :-( :-( :-(

P.S. still mad, phhbbtt!

ki said...

Express: He didn't do your tags ever? Haw. Stay mad. I'm on your side :P

metal-militant said...

Okay. I apologise profusely for not tagging you in accordance with past efforts from your side. I sincerely felt it as an obligation to my bethrothed to tag likewise. I promise to you that I shall reciprocate this concept of tagging in all your future ventures. If there is anything else I can do to repent for this sin (short of leaving Ki),then I shall gladly accept (subject to certain terms and conditions from my side as well)

(sad,sorry expression)

ciao deeeyoood

Av. said...

Considering you weren't too keen on the quiz, you did a pretty good job. =D

"I don't always : talk about metal."

But still quite a lot. =p
Bah, it's okay. Metal, i think, is worth the attention.

Express said...

apologise with conditions,

i dont want ur gf, i already have her as a friend and want it that way :-|
i dont want u 2 do anything tht might be "objectionable", how-much-ever u tempt me into doing so.

but u knw whts worse,
u dont even mean the apology.
u disgust me all the time!

ki said...

Oi. He means it re. He's just trying to make you smile. :)