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Thursday, 6 November 2008

Indian schools: The mechanization begins here

Parents have always been proud of seeing their children in some sort of uniform.Whether its the 1st school uniform,an Army uniform or that of a doctor, the 'photo in the uniform' is mandatory.I'm not too fond of uniforms myself,but they're acceptable to the point of giving a certain identity in society to the wearer.But Indians have somehow misused that concept of identity in a VERY personal manner.Let me explain:

The school that I have passed out of has officially gone to hell. The principal stepped down, we now have one incompetent asshole as an acting principal (this guy's ONLY claim to fame in school is 100% attendance.Oh and emptying whole bottles of perfume on himself before he comes to school),all the good,well-established teachers are leaving only to be replaced by educationists who can at best be described as 'graduates' and basically the remaining ones are trying to hold this school together with a very loose grip of disciplinary extremity. For example: no guitar performances or western dance performances are allowed as that 'westernizes' the school.No dancing on songs with words like 'love' and 'dil':we don't want to 'corrupt' these clean minds.Anyone wearing a dangling earring,a nose piercing,sporting hair longer than a certain length,wearing PT uniform on a non-PT day AND carrying MP3 players or CDs is IMMEDIATELY scrutinized and sent to the principal,who is a fucked about discipline himself.Moreover,even PICNICS have to be attended in uniform.

All this,JUST because you are in a school and you carry the 'values' and 'morals' taught in the school out into the real world.The only problem is that if you do that,the real world will pull you down and enslave you for life.I'll tell you the REAL reason behind all this: pressure from society.Every school administrator wants to be top school.And since discipline is sadly the main reson for judging that prestigiously worthless position,discipline enforcement seems to be the only way.Every school needs money.Not money to be able to continue because I'm sure they get enough of that through contacts.No...they want money to show their position in society.They want to be the alpha male of the pride.Or the matriarch of the herd.They want to have the 'best' students.The most controllable and conformistic idiots.Ones who will listen to ALL they say.

Damn.So this is where education is going in India.This is not education.Its subjugation.Its a loss of identity.Its a 'mass hypnosis',as Sepultura put it.And it must end.And the only way that will happen is mutiny.Students need to start throwing it back into the faces of the teachers.Silence is not the solution.Make them realize how idiotic they are behaving.Formality must come to an end.Don't worry about the consequences.NUMBERS are all that count.This is THE only way to ensure India progresses.


Jadis said...

i experienced ALL that in school, upto and including picnics in uniform, no jewellery, no WATCHES (the horror!).

AND girls who wore mehendi for ceremonies were handed a rusted iron nail and asked to scrape the henna off their palms...which was impossible.

small wonder i hated my school and wen to class wearing blue nailpolish once. :[ to scandalise the fuckers who used to be called teachers but who had NIL idea about their subjects.

GERAT POST man!! kudos!

metal-militant said...

NO WATCHES???HOW THE HELL DO YOU TELL THE TIME?Bloody HELL!!!Education in India just gets worse and worse.

Disguise said...

I agree with you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with almost everything. Except well, standardisation to a certain degree in terms of dress is necessary, I think. For order maybe? Discipline?
But yes, schools do go too far, ours being a prime example especially with Mr. 'naakked' around, no? :P
Discipline I'm all for but "disciplinary extremity" as you put it, should e done away with for sure.

Alok said...

If you read Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children", the protagonist, (who represents post-independence India) is raised by a Muslim family considering him to be their child. But midway it's revealed he's actually a bastard child of a departing Englishman and an Indian woman, who is purposefully switched into the family.

So what does that mean?

This: We surely have gained our "Independence" in that the British have left the country's control in our hands. But we are still the product of British traditions.

We refuse to let go of British traditions (such as mandatory uniforms in school, the hierarchy in government institutions) just because they seem to work. Hence the current India, unless it lets go of the stupid traditions, is a bastard child of the British with the Old India.

Amartya Sen describes in his book, "The Argumentative Indian", a school in West Bengal (Santiniketan) where education was based on pure choice and interest, and they taught under the sun, amongst the trees.

Alumni of the School: Satyajit Ray, Indira Gandhi, Amartya Sen himself, Abdul Ghani Khan and Jahar Dasgupta.

deluded said...

I DO believe that its because all the heads of all the schools and colleges are gay

even obama

dont believe me?

check out their website

P.S. youre cute :P Bwahahaha

metal-militant said...

I just love it when people laugh at their own jokes.Its like the ultimate stamp of rejection on that joke.

Shrutilaya said...
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Shrutilaya said...


I've seen it ALL.
I studied in a CONVENT for 10 years.
No watches, no jewelery, no mehindi, no nail polish. Hair in 2 brades.
Uniform has to be properly worn. Pulled up socks. NO READING BOOKS.

They even tried to train us to think the same way.


it was my own personal hell.

You hit the nail RIGHT in the head.

Awesome post. = )

Arjun said...

Nice stuff, good blog. post something soon man.

metal-militant said...

Thank you Shrutilaya,my condolences to you.

And thanks Arjun,you bet I will.

Lucid Darkness said...

Ah well school was hell enough for many other reasons... enough for me not to notice restrictions too much. But still, honestly these days most teachers are folks who're teaching because they can't get other jobs. How does that help the newbies out to learn? You get a generation of lethargic individuals who lose all interest in anything that is to be "learnt".

And yeah it also doesn't help that education is now a business with teacher's being taken in not because they're qualified but because they belong to 1. a particular religion or 2. a minority community. Heh.

Lucid Darkness said...


I hate, I mean, HATE typos.

metal-militant said...

Yeah that's where the problem lies,the politics of communalism.Well said.