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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Times of India's competence with abbreviations

If I was working with TOI,I would have written Toi instead.Seriously,don't tell me no one has noticed this. Every time there is an abbreviation in their report,they always end up capitalizing just the 1st letter.Ever known anybody who works at Unicef or Unesco?Or maybe you've heard how those 6 Lashkar terrorists were planning to blow up the Sensex and the Isro? I mean how difficult is it to just NOT PRESS THAT CAPS LOCK KEY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!??!!?One would think that they get a raise in salary for each time they press the caps lock key.


Express said...

1. I guess they use the shift function :-|
2. Don't you think they have better works to do, like run a newspaper?
3. Does it make all that difference till they are able to communicate the news?

Well personally i think, there are too many things to worry about the the news papers; like, the actual news!!! I read HT, TOI in mumbai is too commercialized. And trust me there are worse newspapers, like The Indian Express, where you have to sit with a dictionary along.

News should do what its supposed to do. Make people aware.
And till its doing that, we should acknowledge that than complaining about silly typos.

Its good to your blog though :)
Keep writing.

metal-militant said...
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metal-militant said...

Its not typos,they genuinely make mistakes.Look at it this way:the minimum criterion for being a journalist is a major in english. if you can't follow BASIC rules in english, thats really pathetic.that's just downright incompetent.

Express said...

OK, fair point.

I think they don't realize that it makes readers annoyed. If they knew, they sure would take necessary measures, don't want to lose readers, do they?

I wrote that big bhashan coz incompetence or no, You do make a big deal out of typos. I am sure you re-wrote your whole previous comment coz u made one. Don't I know you well?? :P
For me typos are silly, sometimes very funny, and without them, writing using a keyboard is incomplete :D

Just let them be, the typing mistakes. Peace!

metal-militant said...

but this post of mine was not about typos at all.this kind of mistake is totally different from a typo

Express said...

Perception problem from my side then.

Alok said...

TOI and HT and countless such newspapers have this tendency to dish out typos and wrong grammar. I mean, its okay to a certain point, after all, it's a daily newspaper and it requires a lot of effort.

But what you've mentioned is just a tiny bit of the media's flipside: rather than reporting news, they make news. They make opinions, they make views, and hence they make power. I suppose this was the theme behind this post?

I agree. Newspapers and the media have such a huge influence on people. People are too lazy to remain on guard. Before they know it, they have been manipulated in such ways that when they come to know of it, they think it was their personal opinion in the first place.

Nice post, I have to say. Very observant and vigilant of you!