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Thursday, 7 February 2008


As Dr Bhataudekar says:'Man eez also A social enimal'.We all find the need for company. Someone to talk all those random thoughts in your head to. All those things that your family would dismiss as 'pointless'. Yeah,friends basically. And we keep making new ones. Friends are supposed to be those with whom you can be yourself. But is that the only time we can be ourselves? Why do I get the feeling that thats the case with most people in this world.

When we are at a social gathering,we inevitably end up meeting new people. But why is it that we have to pretend to be someone else?The same kind of personality EVERYONE else chooses to be?Why do we all greet that new person in the same way?Pretend to like all those same things that the world likes?Pretend to be polite when you may not really be?And,possibly the most potent, pretend to have a good sense of humour? And when somebody with a different approach,different tastes, different mindset, DOES come by, why is he touted as WEIRD?

Hmmmm. Do we then start showing our true colours when we get on more familiar terms with that someone new?Colours that may seem a bit TOO bright or dull?Why can't we just BE and not PRETEND?


Manasi said...

hmm.. true true..i totally agree.. if people can like u for what u are all the time..they're your friends..

Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

nicely written
ppl pretend, cz thr just scared of putting out themselves
but over a period of time when the true colors emerges thats the point where a friendship evolves or is lost.


advait said...

since i have nthin better to do 2 weeks be4 my xam than readur blog i would just like to add...

poshaan tu chutiya hai!!

Anonymous said...

We pretend because we're all insecure, we want potential friends to like us, potential bosses to be impressed with us, crushes to fall for us...but sooner or later it all becomes pointless...people end up liking you for who you are! :)

Alok said...

This is one nice beginning for a blog, no introductions, no niceties, straight to the point.

The points you've raised are indeed very valid, and very close to me, too.

People shy away from being themselves, because, as Aditi said, they're afraid. Their lives belong to others. They do not live for themselves, but they live for other's sake, constantly worrying if others approve of them.

People do not like those who are different because they know that these people hold huge potential. They're afraid and jealous of it. They do their best to stop these individuals. They try to bring them down to their level.

I could go on, but my thoughts are best represented by the excellent book "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. I strongly suggest you read it!