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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Anterior & Detonation live at NSIT,Eastwind

Ever since Iron Maiden performed at Bangalore last year,India has officially become recognized as a nation with great potential for metal.After them we have had Sepultura as well as another appearance by Maiden and later this March,Megadeth and Machine Head will also perform.But people were then scared that it would be just bands that are seasoned and have more than 10 years experience making their presence felt,and not lesser known bands that could even be bursting with more talent than the likes of Machine Head and Sepultura.But all that fear can easily be flushed down the toilet now that Anterior from Wales(UK) and Detonation from The Netherlands have made a mark as difficult to erase as that on a branded cow.Impeccable songwriting,crafty solos and great stage presence have now had hundreds of metal fans wanting to hear more and more from them.I'm one of them.

Though I had heard Detonation before they came,I had never cared to hear more by them.Now I realize what a mistake that was.Their music can be described as a bit of an extreme form of Melodic-death Metal(Check out the radio on my page,maybe you end up hearing them).Their knowledge of time signatures is amazing,and they have an amazing lead guitarist who could easily be classified as above average(what with all the sweep-tapping and shredding he can do).They are pretty adept at jumping moods in their music.Their bass player is the only OTHER bass player I have heard of who plays a 6-string bass(the other is John Myung of Dream Theater of course).AND he plays it well.I had the good fortune of talking to him(pretty chilled out and friendly guy).Overall,great band!!!!Would love to see them play live again.

Hmmmm.Anterior.Sorry,wrong reaction.......ANTERIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Amazing band!!!!!A crafty fusion of melodic-death metal and metalcore, they create an aura of total brotherhood with their music and stage presence.Epic rhythms,fast-as-hell drumming,a thundering bass foundation and cathartic vocals,Anterior is every mosher's dream(not mine though.I don't like moshing).They combine solos played with finesse and classic metalcore breakdowns without overdoing either.Great guys to know as well.I spoke with the drummer and bass player.Thats the best thing about metal artistes.They don't have this "I am legend" aura around them.They know that while they make great music when they are on stage and in the studio,outside of those 2 environments,they are just one of us.They don't have their noses high in the air and max-security around them,and basically an overall '' i am out of bounds to you,commoner" vibe to them.

Even though Anterior are relatively much newer than Detonation,I preferred them to the latter.Still,I'm glad I could see both of them live and hang out with them as well.Hopefully,I get to meet Children of Bodom and Mercenary in the same way as well.


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Alok said...

May the force remain with you too, man!

Though I haven't had as diverse an experience in metal as you have, I can appreciate your understanding of this genre. Keep it rolling!