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Friday, 15 August 2008

Its Star Wars season again!!!!!

Boy,am I kicked!!!!Just when I had thought that George Lucas had decided to go over-and-out with Star Wars,its BACK!!!!This time in an animated form.Today marked the day 'The Clone Wars' released in the US and the UK.A revolution in terms of animation, this movie basically gives you some of the little details as to how Episode II led to Episode III i.e it basically elaborates on the wars itself. Unfortunately,from the little research that I have done online, the release date in India has not been decided yet. Well I shall declare a bounty on the censor board if the movie isn't released in India, but really,I can't wait to see this movie. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Asajj Ventress, the bald female dark jedi,in action (what with 2 lightsabers and all!!1).

May the Force remain with Lucas FOREVER. More Star Wars!!!!!


Express said...

OMG! man, 2 posts in less than 5 days? what u upto?!?!?!??!!!

:-P well, this might just be the most ultimate thing 4 u. I mean, combo of 2 of ur most loved things, animation and star wars! :-P

Good going,
this 1 sure deserves it ,

to ur blog and also Lucas!

metal-militant said...

Haha.Well I realised I should be more loyal to my blog.So expect more regular posts now.And thanks.

Express said...

Loyalty and all huh?
sahi hai.... :-P

well I don't usually move around blogger all that much, but thanks 2 my lovely blog-list, I sure shall knw when u publish new stuff

*looking forward*

Alok Meshram said...

Isn't this the very thing that aired on Cartoon Network between the release of Episode II and Episode III?

metal-militant said...

Well yes and no.'Yes' because it does follow the Clone Wars,'No' because it shows a diferent facet to it,one involving Hutts and all.And its 3D animation.check out the trailer on youtube if you haven't already

Alok said...

Oh. Well, Youtube's banned in our campus :(

Lemme see if I can find it somewhere else.