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Monday, 11 August 2008

The arrival of romance

Yes 'Thought Processor' loyalists,I have a girlfriend.Her name is Kirti. Yeah, hard to believe isn't it?I found it hard to believe myself. I mean,just look at me.For years people have laughed at the idea of me going out with someone. I mean, I like metal and Star Wars. I can be quite mean sometimes,and I've never really thought I look good (though Kirti vehemently differs). But here I am all the same. And its a WONDERFUL feeling. I always thought getting a girlfriend would be a pain, because people have always complained (throughout history) about how girlfriends suck out your time and money, but Kirti is just AMAZING. She respects the fact that you have other responsibilities in life, doesn't drain the money out of you (in fact she pretty much pays for everything in life) and is just SO understanding.

Its been 6 days now,and it just feels like it JUST began everyday. Haha.Sorry people, I'm just TOO ecstatic about it. I love her. And she loves me too. And its just great.

OK, bye.


Express said...


atleast something happened that u found worth making a part of ur blog. Nevermind, yes love is wonderful and I am glad that it finally struck you!

well, so many myths abt women being difficult, ah, sigh...

Anyway, hope u guys have fun. Celebrate the love. :-)

P.S. wht do u mean by thought-processor loyalists? :-P

ki said...

aaaawwwww :)
I love you baby :)

metal-militant said...

@ Shatabdi: thought processor loyalists i mean the number of regular readers of this blog (that can be counted on fingers).

@ Ki:

I love you too

Av. said...

Dude, love changes EVERYTHING.
No one ever believes in it, untill they see for themselves.

Damn, yay for you two!

Alok said...

Audience reactions while reading this post:




Alok said...

P.S. Wish you two the best. :)

ki said...

wow, thanks you guys! :)

metal-militant said...

Thank you so much Alok and Avantika.May the Force be with all of you.