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Monday, 4 May 2009

With Oden on my side...

I'm writing after some time, ain't I? Well the reason for that is the that there have been a lot of things happening in my life lately.Good things mostly.I finished with a slave stick of a Bachelor's course in Physics on 29th April;and,more importantly,at a time when my other batch-mates will be running around looking for Masters courses to do,I'll be enjoying this summer (the near-Death Valley temperature is a mere occupational hazard now) as my last one in New Delhi.Yes everybody,I'm leaving.For Singapore.I had applied at just TWO places for a Masters,the other being Bangalore.I got through to Singapore (though not without episode,but more on that soon) and now I'm headed for a Master of Fine Arts in Animation and Digital Arts from Tisch School of the Arts Asia.

I'm not leaving just yet though,my session starts only on September 8th.And yes,the episode bit.Well,the application for this course was to be sent in the form of a creative portfolio by the turn of the year,along with transcripts of the UG course.I managed to send it all in time,though I had to keep making those mandatory 'Indian government office' trips to South Campus for a replacement marksheet (my 1st year marksheet had 'eaten itself up',so to speak).After I sent it all,it turns out that I had missed out my resume (DAMMIT!).After hurriedly sending that and giving their telephone interview, the college decided to extend their deadline for submissions to March 2nd (so maybe they could gleefully point and laugh at those people who were running around to submit their applications on time).A few days later,I get a letter telling me my status of admission.My hands trembled as I double-clicked the downloaded PDF.But the heartbeats almost hit a wall when I saw that I was wait-listed.But I came to terms with it (more so because I had obviously lost my chance at getting a large scholarship amount) and decided I was going to Bangalore after all.

Days passed.I got immersed in the only studying I had ever done the whole year-studying for the final exams.But on the day before my last paper,I got a call on the Airtel landline at home (the one that greets you with a mechanical "Airtel pesh karte hain..." almost with a 100% success rate per call).Expecting the usual,I decided to just press the 'speaker' button,listen to the 1st few microseconds of that recorded voice and cut the call.When I did press the speaker button,I wa greeted with a few moments of silence followed by a LIVE human voice,asking for me.I then picked up the receiver and to my trepidation,it was TISCH!They said they liked my portfolio and were willing to give me a second shot at this.I gladly accepted like a weary traveler accepting water.Few days later,I get a mail telling me I'm THROUGH,with an $8000 per year scholarship.The scholarship was by no means enough,and I was again prepared to resign to the fact that I was not going.But then my parents rose to the occasion and gave me ample support and now,I'm OFF!!!

This is going to be a new chapter of my life.A new era.I'll be studying and living with people from different countries and cultures,something I have never done.To say that I'm looking forward to this is just the beginning.But at the same time,I'll miss the time I had in New Delhi.The school days,the college days,the scraping through in the exams,the manipulation of my 3rd year project (Shhhh... ) and most importantly,my friends.I wouldn't have been who I am without them.Expect another post in a few months on them.



Karun said...

Really happy for you man. I've seen the stuff you 'create' and its simply top notch! September is still a long way am sure we'll have loads to add to that long alphabetical list ( which I am in the process of compiling...its starts with A = Arup btw ;) ). As far as all of us, we'll still be here...same as ever...

but we DO expect you to create something 'special' once you're through with Tisch..and you know on what lines I'm talking :P

metal-militant said...

Thanks a lot man.Seriously though,I'm not all THAT good.

And I shall strive for customer satisfaction!!!

Karun said...

we hope to see ur name in the credits of virtually ..... someday :D

Anonymous said...


I always KNEW you could do it! :)