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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Physics Honours: worst mistake...last mistake

When I got the hell out of class 12(12th grade for people outside India) I was a naive little 6 footer who was torn between his parents' wish to see him as another product out of India's engineering factory and staying the fuck at home and devoting myself to metal. I gave 3 (of the least easy to clear) engineering exams, and (luckily) did not get in.Then my parents started panicking but were pacified when I consented to take Physics honours in 'the best college in South Campus'...Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Sri Venkateswara College (no,you are not supposed to mention the whole name each time you speak it). Even the pep-talk given by the teachers initially charged me up a bit in the scientific direction.Then, the studies began piling on, the college premises itself started looking morbid. Then I started to see how INSANE the teachers were('insane' as in what you become when you go beyond being passionate about something,Physics in this case). Every one of them works as if the student is the enemy. Forget about guidance.Once you've taken Physics honours, you fend for yourself. You're expected to be reading up about freakin' electrical BRIDGES or different lenses or some SHIT like that in your free time!!!!!!!! And practicals? Forget it!!! They aren't even going to tell you how to START!!!Read about it,do it yourself and if you find it gratifying to go to the teacher when you get stuck somewhere only to hear "try again'',do right ahead. Its like the relationship Darth Vader has with Palpatine: he keeps getting sent on dangerous missions CREATED by Palpatine so that Palpatine can keep trying to kill him and make Vader angrier(basically a better Sith).

Personally, I have got more than sick of all this. And to think that I have to endure one whole year more makes it even WORSE!!!I can almost hear Satan laughing at me!!!!! I shall now make my decisions MYSELF!!!! No one,repeat, NO ONE makes them for me!!!!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Curse of the 4-stringed One

Ever since I bought my bass guitar last year,I have been plagued with problems that keep me from exploiting my inner musical prowess.First,I had no amplifier(but that was in '06 when i bought my friend's old Givson Jaguar from him for 2000 bucks).Then, that Givson's headstock broke and I had an excuse for an amplifier in the form of a Stranger Cube20M(a pocket-sized piece of shit that doesn't say 'bass' ANYWHERE on it).Then, I was 'bass'less for 2 whole months before I bought my Ibanez Gio Soundgear(the one in my photo) and then when I thought I had settled down finally, that amp coughed up and died. Another blessing in disguise( but sometimes I just wish for DIRECT blessings).This was when my best friend/almost brother Aneesh (the same guy I bought the Jaguar from) stepped in and gave me his Stranger Cube 80M, a BASS amplifer. BUT, since it was in MY custody,it HAD to have problems AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!! The problem with that (currently still persisting) was that its circuitry had burnt out so comprehensively inside,that a volume increase from 0 to 1 would result in INSANE amounts of noise and the volume would be as high as it would sound at 10. To provide icing to the cake, I had been smart enough to store my bass guitar in a TUNED condition,so that the fretboard kept bending and now I have an action so high you could do a Physics experiment on the fretboard.

Such is the wrath of the 4-stringed one...