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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Metal Intros from hell

I'm writing after some time,I know.The reason for this hiatus was that I have had exams from 5th April and I had to spend time studying.But I have just one left and I had this list which I wanted to share with the world.I've heard a lot of metal in the past 2-3 years and will continue to do so for a LONG time.Metal has always had some songs that just PULL YOU towards it like a tractor beam because of its intro.Even if you try to,you can't bring yourself to remove those earphones from your head. I have had this experience with a handful of songs.Here they are,along with the reason for their HELLishness.To hear the songs,just click their names:

1.Metallica-For Whom the Bell Tolls: The bell tolling,that IN YOUR FACE intro,and of course,that DOOMY bass riff.Any metal fan could be suckered in by that intro,and not get dissapointed by the rest of the song either.If you haven't heard the song yet,hear it,after you're done hanging your head in shame(BTW,this is not the music video but a fan video.And a DAYUMM good one at that):

2.Evergrey-She Speaks to the Dead : This song begins with a church-goer speaking to the priest about his sightings of the girl next door performing rituals to resurrect the dead and how he needs to stop her. Only when his misty voice trails off with "She speaks to the dead..." does that gothic tune begin on nice-clean guitar,with the keyboards creating the perfect atmosphere of darkness and uncertainty.Even the bass(which has a very raw sound in this case) just improves matters.And Tom S Englund has a brilliant voice.Enjoy the song.Its just the intro portion though,but its enough.

3. Dimmu Borgir- The Fundamental Alienation : Dimmu Borgir is just one of many bands to be shunned by the 'purists' for changing their style, theirs being from symphonic black metal to a more melodic yet dark genre. This song exhibits just how dark they can get,without any chaotic blast beats or bad production quality. It starts,not with guitars,but with a VERY doomy,built-up orchestra piece,complete with Gregorian chants.In fact, its something that could even strike fear into the heart of someone who doesn't know what to expect.Me,well it just AWES me.Like NOTHING ELSE.Click on the link,it might just awe you too.

4. Bloodbath- Cry My Name: Hmmm, a death metal band.Something I'm not really into.But Bloodbath,well,there's just something to them.Maybe its the way they focus more on aggressive perfection rather than chaos,maybe not.Maybe because their songwriting just bleeds brutality,maybe not.Or maybe its just because Akerfeldt is their vocalist,maybe not.Either way,this particular intro is the last thing you expect from a death metal band.A lead guitar intro,its one of the DOOMIEST things I've ever heard.Its beautiful.Yes,it is.

5. Iron Maiden- Wasted Years: I'm pretty surprised I haven't mentioned this song yet. The 1st time I heard it,well,let's just say this song was my 1st taste of something 'epic' in metal.At least,the intro was.Its such a haunting tune,it's not funny.And it's been conceived so well.I remember wanting to buy a guitar just to be able to play this tune.It has a very 'celestial' feel to it.Click on the link,after following the same instructions as on For Whom The Bell Tolls.

6. Children of Bodom- Downfall (live at Tokyo): This song (particularly this live version) was my 1st taste of Bodom.It was the 1st time I had heard keyboards in a metal band.Needless to say,it blew me away. I had heard the studio version of this song after the live one,and I was a tad dissapointed.Everything about the live improvisation is perfect ;the keyboard riff,that complementing guitar riff that kicks in with a short riff before it that Alexi created and the best part, the way Alexander and Hennka burst in with the rhythm section,and shortly afterwards,enter Jaska,all drums blazing!!!!!

7. Pantera- I Can't Hide: This song starts with a very simple bass intro,but its the picking and selection of notes that I like.It just gets you in the mood for metal. Even the complementing guitar riff does total justice to the bass riff.Great song,great band,great intro.

8. Mercenary- World Hate Center: Its amazing how many lesser-known bands there are whose songwriting skills have had very little acknowledgement. Mercenary are just one of them. This particular song's intro has one definition;explosive.It just JUMPS out at you.And IS IT EPIC!!!!!!In fact,Ive always admired Mercenary for being brutal and at the same time,emotional.But,the thing about this song is that its the 2nd song on the album 11 Dreams,and for a very good reason. The 1st song is an instrumental keyboard intro called Into the Sea of Dark Desires,that contains the basic note sequence of this song. And the EXPLOSIVE impact is felt EVEN better after hearing the 2 songs one after the other.Which is exactly what I found on the net.Enjoy.

9. Iron Maiden- Moonchild, Caught Somewhere in Time,Seventh Son of a Seventh Son: And I had thought Wasted Years was the most epic I had heard. Was I wrong!!!!!Each of these 3 songs represents just how epic Maiden,and in general,metal can get. Moonchild has that keyboard riff,7th Son has those Gregorian chants and,my favourite Maiden song of all time,Caught Somewhere in Time,with its bass chords and guitar harmonies.Listen to them,and get the most ultimate high that no amount of cannabis can ever give you.

10. Megadeth- In My Darkest Hour,Trust,Kill the King: I'm not a big Megadeth fan,but I just LOVE these 3 songs.But I still think that Megadeth can't chug out those metal riffs too well,and Dave Mustaine is one of the WORST vocalists in metal EVER.


Nilesh Sawant said...

it was the first time heard about mercenary....good song...

as far as those iron maiden intros are concerned..the ones which i fancy just keep on changing...although havnt heard maiden for a while now..

megadeths' best intros came in rust in peace....
its one of my favorite bands because of their awesome guitar work....i dont care whether mustain sings...cries..pisses on stage as far he has that guitar in his hand..

Alok said...

You speak my language!

Wasted Years' intro can be best described by "celestial". It describes, like, the passage of time. Glad to find people who experience music in the way I do!

I love the intros to "The Drapery Falls" and "The Funeral Portrait" by Opeth among the recent songs I've heard.

Will check out the rest of the songs!

metal-militant said...

Nilesh man,Mercenary needs to be heard by more people in this world.

Alok,I can't recall the intro of 'The Drapery Falls' but I LOVED the intro of 'Demon of the Fall' by the same band

Alok said...

You forget to include "Holy wars..."

I believe that to be one of the Best Ever Intros to a song. Seriously.

P.S. Once again, Happy birthday man! :)

metal-militant said...

thanks man.and yea,holy wars DOES have a good intro,but I havent considered it to be THAT great

five_silver_rings said...

Aha! Look who is blogging! :P

Well, I am not really into metal, so I can't really comment on this post much. Ever considered listening to some other genre?

metal-militant said...

Well,before metal i used to hear the backstreet boys.But I do like Tool.Do you like tool?

The Feel said...

you need more appreciation ability to judge megadeth...u just can say that you don't like them instead...

metal-militant said...

Or alternatively YOU need more 'appreciation ability' to not worship them?What the hell is 'appreciation ability' anyway?Is it a benchmark to be able to judge something?Do you consider your 'appreciation ability' when you go ahead an judge The Pussycat Dolls maybe?For all you know there could be some bimbo with high 'appreciation ability' who thinks you need more of it to judge them?

And in case you didn't notice,I mentioned 'I am not a big fan of Megadeth'.Also,they CANNOT create that heavy,ringing chug which most metal bands can do and that really takes away a LOT of the aura around them before you hear them.And if you think Mustaine is a good vocalist,you DEFINITELY need to step up that 'appreciation ability'.

On that happy note,thank you for stepping by my blog.